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About us.

At Elite Data Insights we specialize in providing expert Business Automations, Data Analysis and Reporting Services to businesses across a wide range of industries. Our team of experienced analysts is dedicated to helping our clients restrtucture their business to be more data driven and make informed decisions based on accurate and meaningful data insights.

We understand the importance of data in today's business world. Every day, companies generate vast amounts of data that can be used to drive growth, improve efficiency, and maximize profitability. However, without the right tools and expertise, this data can be overwhelming and difficult to interpret.

That's where we come in. Our team of data analysts has years of experience working with all types of data, from simple csv (excel) files and spreadsheets to complex databases. We use cutting-edge tools and techniques to analyze data quickly and accurately, providing our clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Whether you're a small business looking to optimize your operations or a large corporation in need of a team of analyst to make sense of your data and build automated reports, we have the expertise to help. Our services include data mining, collection and management, data modeling and predictive analysis, data visualization and report, business intelligence data analysis and automations and much more.

We believe that data is the key to unlocking growth and success for any business. That's why we're committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and support.

If you're looking for a partner to help you automate your business process and make sense of your data, look no further. Elite Data Insights is here for you.

Elite Data Insights is a Kenyan subsidiary of Elite Data Solutions LTD, which was incorporated in 2020 and has its headquarters located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations with data-driven insights to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and achieve their business objectives. Our goal is to be a trusted partner for our clients, delivering actionable insights and tangible value that drives growth and success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the way organizations use data to drive innovation, growth, and positive social impact.

Our Plan

Our plan is to establish ourselves as a leading provider of data analysis services, serving clients across various industries and sectors.We envision a world where data analysis is not just a technical process, but a transformative tool that empowers decision-makers to make smarter, more informed decisions that benefit their stakeholders and society at large. We strive to provide comprehensive and accurate analysis services that leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

We strive to provide comprehensive and accurate analysis services that leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative methodologies, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. Our goal is to be a trusted partner for our clients, delivering actionable insights and tangible value that drives growth and success.



We offer the following services

Data collection and Database Management

Our Data Collection and Database Management services are designed to help businesses collect, store, and manage their valuable data assets. We employ cutting-edge tools and technologies to collect data from various sources such as websites, social media platforms, customer feedback, surveys, and more. We then develop customized database management solutions that ensure data is organized in a way that makes it easy to access, analyze, and report on. Our ongoing support and maintenance services ensure that databases are always up-to-date and accurate, providing our clients with the best possible foundation for successful data analysis. Contact us today to learn more.

No Code App development and Database Design

Our No Code App Development and Database Design services are designed to help businesses quickly and easily create custom applications and databases without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Our team of experts uses the latest no-code development platforms such as Google Appsheets, BigQuery, Airtable and Google Tables to create powerful, user-friendly applications that meet our clients' specific needs.

We also provide database design services to ensure that data is organized and easily accessible within the application. Our no-code approach allows for rapid development, reducing the time and cost typically associated with traditional development methods. Contact us today to learn more about how our no-code app development and database design services can help your business.

Business intelligence

We use data analysis to gain insights into a company's operations and performance. This can include analyzing sales data, customer data, and other key metrics to identify trends and opportunities for growth. We also help client define KPI's that they can track to better understand their business performance over time.

Data modeling

We build mathematical models to represent data and test hypotheses about how it relates to various factors. This can help businesses understand how different variables impact their operations and make more informed decisions.

Predictive analytics

We use statistical models and machine learning algorithms to make predictions about future trends and outcomes based on historical data. This is then used to inform business strategies and identify potential risks.

Data visualization and reporting

We use a variety of tools to create report summaries and visualizations that make it easy for clients to understand their data. This includes building dashboards with differnt graphs, and sumamry tables that can be customized to meet the client's needs. We also automate the dataflow from your databases to these reports by leveraging ETL tools.

Data Consulting

We offer consulting services to help clients identify their data needs and develop a strategy for data collection, storage and ultimately analysis and reporting to help them achieve their business goals. This can involve assessing existing data systems and processes, and recommending changes or improvements.

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Michael Ndungu

Founder & CEO

Leading the charge towards data-driven success!

Joel Mugo

Bi Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst & Consultant

Shielding your data from cyber threats, one byte at a time!



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